9 Effective Tips for Male Enhancement

Male enhancement methods in the forms of pills, exercises, and surgeries can make a deep impact on a man’s sex life, but it would require a well maintained body to reap the benefits.

Following are a few male enhancement tips that can help you enjoy a happy sex life.

1. Adequate Sleep: This is a much underestimated aspect of male enhancement. A good night’s sleep recharges the penis and keeps it well nourished through constant supply of oxygen to the blood. This leads to a significant erection in the morning, which can last for a long time. Good sleeping habits help in making the erectile tissue very flexible overtime, leading to stronger erections as the years pass by.

2. Avoid Smoking: Tobacco is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. According to research, it affects the size of erections. It is also observed that the penises of smokers tend to be much smaller than non-smokers. This is because tobacco damages the blood vessels and causes the tissues in the penis to become less elastic. This prevents the penis from stretching leading to poor erection.

3. Improper Sexual Techniques- During Intercourse, it is important for men to be not too rough when thrusting. Vigorously made thrusts could cause the corpora cavernosa, a very essential part of the penis, to rupture. When the partner is on top during sexual intercourse, the penis is likely to suffer a bit of damage. So, it would be wise to limit that position as much as possible.

5. Exercise Frequently- Men with the habit of walking around 2 miles a day are a lot less likely to have erection problems compared to men who are sedentary. Around 30 minutes of weight training or jogging would also help.

6. Yawning Helps – Really! – It is strange, but true, that erection and yawning are natural responses caused by the nitric oxide. This chemical, once released by the brain, flows to the neurons that cause breathing and mouth opening as well as flows to the blood vessels that fill the penis with oxygenated blood. So, constant yawns are very likely to produce good erections.

7. Lose Weight- Obesity is a very significant factor in male enhancement. According to research, it causes the testosterone levels to lower drastically. Hypertension and diabetes due to obesity contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED). According to studies, more than 50% of men with diabetes suffer from ED. Diabetes could cause the process of arterial disease to accelerate, which would result in the impairment of nerve stimulation throughout the body. This naturally would lead to significantly less erection. Hypertension would lead to abnormal blood flow to the penis, resulting in similar problems.

8. Stick to One Partner- According to studies, other than avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, sticking to one partner helps with good erections. Research shows that the guilt of having an affair can lead to significantly less erection due to anxiety.

9. Eat A Healthy Diet- According to studies, a diet rich in proteins and fiber does wonders to sexual prowess. Experts say men should strictly avoid or reduce intake of processed and junk food. These types of foods result in toxins getting formed in the body, which create issues like clogged arteries and stress, leading to significantly reduced erections.


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