How does Penis Enlargement Work

Most men are very keen to increase their penis size. This may be because they feel that their penis size is lesser than the average penis size or simply because they want to make their penis bigger to boost their confidence. In either case, there are many penis enlargement solutions on the market which claim to increase a person’s penile size. The most popular male enhancement solution is the penis enlargement pill. These enhancement pills are mostly created from herbal extracts and have varying degrees of success. Some pills are plain scams and others may help a person to some extent.

So, how do penis enlargement pills work? The basis behind almost all penis enlargement pills is to increase the capacity of the Corpus Cavernosum. The Corpus Cavernosum are 2 cylindrical shaped tissues which are inside the penis. These 2 cylinders get filled up with blood when the body is aroused and this build up creates the erection hardness. Most enlargement pills focus on increasing the Corpus Cavernosum capacity in males. An increased Corpus Cavernosum leads to faster and bigger erections during arousal.

Other recent trends in penis enhancement techniques is the use of amino acids such as L-arginine and in some cases L-ornithine. Both these amino acids are used by professional athletes to increase endurance and hasten injury recovery. L-arginine has been known to dilate blood vessels, which in turn results in more blood flowing to the penis. This is more helpful for people who suffer from erectile dysfunction and have problems getting a harder erection. L-arginine is rapidly becoming a popular ingredient for people who wish to make their penises bigger.

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