Male Enhancement Food – What Foods to Eat?

Most men are always on the lookout for safe methods to improve their sexual prowess. There is a general myth that the size of the penis cannot be increased through natural means. However, recent scientific research has shown that it can be done, at least to an extent, with the right kind of food consumed. In fact, a lot of male enhancement foods have been suggested and tested for ages. Even modern research says that we are what we eat, and the penis size along with sexual prowess depends on what goes inside our body.

Oysters have been considered as an aphrodisiac for centuries. They are very rich in the mineral zinc, which helps in raising the levels of sperm production and testosterone levels. Oysters make a healthy male enhancement diet. The oyster shells have to be first thoroughly scrubbed to clean them. A dab of chili, another aphrodisiac, can be added for even better results. Red meat, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, and cashews are some of the other sources of zinc and are very good male enhancement foods.

There is a general belief that whatever is good for the heart is good for male enhancement. Foods rich in omega-3 fats, which have been medically proven to be good for the heart, contain the amino acid L-arginine in high quantities. L-arginine helps in increasing the production of nitric oxide that helps relax blood vessels, enabling more blood to flow into the penis. This results in better penile erections. According to research, foods with omega-3 fatty acids might help the body in retaining L-arginine. Some of the foods rich in these fatty acids are seafood (e.g. fish, crabs, prawns, lobsters), sesame seeds, and walnut. Dark chocolate also contains high quantities of L-arginine. These male enhancement foods are certainly worth adding to your dietary intake.

Other natural foods for male enhancement are green leafy vegetables (e.g. lettuce, kale, spinach) along with beans, avocados, and citrus fruits (e.g. orange, lemon, grapes) are rich in folate (also called vitamin B9). Folate helps in the increasing the energy levels in men and the production of histamine that is essential for reaching orgasm in both men and women.

A very important guideline for male enhancement is having a healthy diet that is high in nutritional supplements and low in fat. Doctors suggest a diet adequately balanced in vitamins and minerals, which help in attaining good penile power. This would essentially mean opting for a diet rich in fiber and avoiding fried and processed food. Men can also benefit from an adequate intake of water on a daily basis. This helps in maintaining the blood flow levels to the penis, aiding in better erections.

Onions and garlic are foods, though not much talked about, have always been believed to have aphrodisiac qualities, especially in South India. In ancient Greece, leeks along with onions were considered to be aphrodisiacs. Also, Onions with sesame seeds and honey were considered to be libido-boosters.
There are several natural food supplements for male enhancement like ginseng, gingko biloba, and yohimbe bark extract, which contain nutrients, nutraceuticals, and herbs. However, these have to be chosen very carefully depending on one’s body condition.


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