Penis Enlargement Surgery

Another solution on how to make your penis bigger is enlargement surgery. The surgical procedure of construction/reconstruction of the penis, including the lengthening of the penis size is called enhancement phalloplasty. Two types of penis enlargement surgeries exist. These are;

  1. Penis lengthening surgery (also termed as enhancement phalloplasty)
  2. Penis girth enlargement surgery or widening (making the penis thicker)

Penis girth enlargement surgery -  A common procedure used in penile girth enlargement surgery or making your penis thicker , is injecting silicone, a transparent thermoplastic called PMMA together with other materials. These materials are injected into a persons scrotum and penis to increase the penile girth. A well known fact is that surgery to increase the penis girth, in most cases, is more successful than penis lengthening surgery. In fact, there are numerous reports that suggest that most people who opt for a penis lengthening surgery end up being totally dissatisfied with the end results. There are new advances being made in the field of penis girth enlargement surgery.  For example, urologists in California used an FDA approved silicone implant under the skin which permanently increased the penile girth and length at the same time.

Penis length enlargement surgery – It might surprise you that roughly 33- 50 percent of the male penis is actually inside the body. Inside the body, this internal part of the penis is attached to the pubic bone. Two ligaments, the fundiform and the suspensory ligament help in attaching this internal part of the penis to the pubic bone. The role of  the suspensory ligament is to hold on to the penis and make it arch under the pubic bone. In penis lenthening surgery these two ligaments are released. Once the suspensory ligament is released, the penis thrusts out in a straight direction rather than the previous arched direction.  This effect makes the penis appear longer. Penis lengthening surgery is not a safe procedure and could result in loss of erection and other medical conditions.

Inflatable Implants – Another method for making the penis bigger via surgery is done using inflatable implants. In this procedure the two corpus cavernosum (jointly referred to as corpora cavernosa) are replaced with penile prosthesis (implants).  Once the inflatable implant is placed, a pump is implanted in the groin area or the scrotum. This implanted pump can be self-pumped from an implanted storage to fill the implants and get an erection. This procedure is more suited for men with total impotence problems. As with all penile enhancement surgeries and methods, this procedure too can result in complications.

Making the penis bigger using these methods has it’s drawbacks and complications. It is strongly recommended to stay away from these complicated surgeries which have no guaranteed results. It is widely believed that most men walk away dejected, even after all these surgeries! Considering this, it is more prudent to be well informed and not take any hasty decisions which might be life altering.


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