Penis Exercises

There are many penis exercises that are discussed on the web and also the world over. These exercises aim to increase the average penis size over a period of time. While none of these exercises have actually been proven to be effective, they are yet very popular. Most of the penile exercises center around the concept of stretching the penis to increase the penis size. It must be noted that pre-exercise warm-up of the penis is essential. This can be easily done by using a warm (not hot) towel on the penis. The most common penis exercises are;

Basic stretching – This involves gripping behind the head of the penis and gently pulling the penis downward. Once pulled downward, the person keeps the penis stretched for around 30 seconds and then releases the grip. This stretching is then carried out holding the penis in the right, left, up and straight forward positions. Each stretch is around 30 seconds.

The Jelqing Technique – This penis stretching technique involves safely lubricating the penis first and then bringing it to a 60-70 percent erection level. Remember that the penis should not be fully erect. Once your penis is at this erection level (60-70%), use your thumb and index finger to create an OK grip around your penis base. Now apply some pressure to your grip and and slowly make your way up your penis till you reach the glans or the end of the penis. Make sure to not apply too much pressure.  Now, once the grip reaches the glans, use your other hand to start off at the base. Each jelq should not take more than 3-4 seconds to complete.

Penis Clamping – Please note that penis clamping is a very dangerous technique. This penis growth method uses a pressure applying device, such as strings or cock rings. This device is then tied firmly on the erect penis base while masturbating. People are strongly warned not to use metallic cock rings because the blood trapped in the penis can make it difficult to remove later. If this happens a person may need amputation or complicated surgery to remove the ring off.

Penis Hanging – Penis hanging is an ancient penis enlargement method.  In this method, a weight is attached at one end of a strap or a rope while the other end is tied at the glans or just behind the glans. Then, an effort is made to lift the weight using different weight sizes. The penis hanging procedure starts with trying to lift the lightest weight first and then finally lifting the heaviest. This is done in repetition with no repetition lasting above 5-7 minutes. Please note that penis hanging can cause serious medical problems such as nerve damage, pain and even impotence.

While there are many exercises being written about, these penis self-exercises are the most common.  The above mentioned stretches are supposed to increase the blood flow in your male organ and increase penis health and size.


Disclaimer : It must be emphasized that none of these methods or penis exercises have been scientifically proven to make the penis bigger. It is important that you seek the advice of your physician before undertaking any penis exercises or penis enlargement solution. These exercises are for informational purposes only and are not medical advice or meant to treat any conditions. You are solely responsible for any actions that you may take based on the information provided in the above content. Please also refer to our terms of use for website content usage policy.

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