The Massage Technique for Penis Enlargement

The massage technique can be used as an alternative to the other male enhancement techniques and pills that are not always reliable. Massaging and stretching the penis regularly on a daily basis for just around 15 to 20 minutes help in increasing the penis size in the long run.

The technique to be followed would depend on the individual, as each and every man has his own unique physical characteristics. Initially, a small experiment has to be done to give a basic idea of the exact penis size one would be able to achieve with this technique. Following are the steps:

1. One would need a pair of scissors, a reliable measuring tape, two A4 sheet papers, a ruler, and paper paste.

2. When the penis is erect, a measurement has to be taken from the penis’ side. This is considered the standard method to measure the regular penis size.

3. For accurate measurement, the penis has to be held beneath the head with one hand and the ruler beside it with the other hand.

4. The measuring tape has to be used to measure the penis girth when erect.

5. When both the length and the girth have been accurately measured, the first A4 sheet paper has to be cut accordingly to fit the measured penis, folded into a tube, and properly fixed with tape. This is the exact current length of the penis.

6. An inch to the girth and two inches to the length have to be added using the measuring tools and cut into the second A4 paper. This should then be rolled and taped and we have the imaginary view of the enlarged penis, after a few weeks.

For the exercise to be successful, it shouldn’t be abrasive and one must feel very comfortable. The massage technique has to be part of the daily routine for long-term success. The technique would require quality lubricants and a correct grasp. They should be done for at least 5 days a week to be productive. The hand positioning and other steps should be followed precisely as instructed.

The lubricant used should be non-irritating to the skin and one which can be easily heated up and removed. Grapeseed oil is an inexpensive option.

Initially, the penis should be first kept warm with a warm towel to allow blood to rush into the penis head. The preparation has to be in such a way that a partly hard penis is always sustained. If the penis becomes fully erect, one should wait till the urge subsides.

Once the penis reaches the correct size and properly lubricated, the tip of the penis should be pushed evenly with the thumb and the first finger till around the root of the penis, several times. This should be done with both hands alternatively in a simple, measured motion, with each movement lasting around 3 seconds. The only thing to make sure is that the penis head is not touched during the maneuvers.

For the first week, one can start with around 200 to 300 strokes daily at medium force. From the second week, around 300 to 500 strokes daily at medium-full force can be started. After that, one can progress to 500 or more strokes daily with as much force as possible. It is very important to note that at no time should one feel any sort of irritation while performing these maneuvers.

The main advantage with these techniques is that the penis will not go back to the earlier size even if one stops the routine. Please note that you should consult your physicial before you undertake any exercises mentioned above.


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