The Penis Pump – How Does it Work?

The penis pump is an external device used to enhance erection by attaching it to the end of the penis. It is cylindrical in shape and is also known as the vacuum constriction device. Something like a band or a ring is placed at the two ends of the cylinder before being attached to the penis. The pump helps in creating a vacuum, which helps in creating erection. During pumping, the band remains on the penis in order to maintain the erection.

History of the Penis Pump
The idea of such a pump was probably conceived by John King, an American Physician, in 1874. He had said that a glass exhauster can be applied to the penis for men with erectile dysfunction, to create an artificial erection. However, once the exhauster was removed, the erection couldn’t be maintained.

In 1917, Otto Lederer was granted a patent for a surgical device capable of creating an erection with vacuum. The idea of a compression ring along with a vacuum device was conceived at that time. However, the credit for popularizing the vacuum constriction device goes to Geddins D Osbon, a Georgian entrepreneur, in the 1960s. His ideas resulted in the first such device, called Erecaid, which received US FDA approval in 1982.

Usage of Penis Pumps
Modern penis pumps can be used either manually (by hand) or through a battery. For manual usage, one has to pump the bulb in the device by hand. In a pump that is battery operated, all one has to do is press the button and it starts working. Some sort of lubricant has to be used on the ring for the pump to fit comfortably for both types of pumps.

Cost of Penis Pumps
Penis pumps cost around $10 to more than $200, depending on whether they are hand operated or battery operated.

Effectiveness and Limitations of Penis Pumps
The penis pump has been reported by a few men to be quite successful in increasing the penis size by a maximum of around 1 inch. Although the erection provided is very solid, the pump is not a permanent solution and would have to be frequently used. Also, the user would feel uncomfortable during ejaculation because of the constriction ring placed right at the base of the penis.

According to a study done on 37 men whose penis length was less than 10 cm, by Kazem, Hosseini, and Alizadeh (noted researchers on the penis pump), there was no notable change in the length of the penis after 6 months of penis pump usage. However, on follow-up, around 30% of the men were satisfied with the method. The research came to the conclusion that vacuum treatment is not an effective method for increasing penile length, but helped in providing psychological contentment for certain men.

Risks Associated with Penis Pumps
Frequently using the penis pump for creating an erection could lead to severe damage to the tissues and blood vessels of the penis, which could lead to the user becoming temporarily impotent. Secondly, some men tend to get lymph blisters as a result of constant pump use. Also, there is a danger of the user getting a bit too dependent on the penis pump and not getting an erection without it.


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